Lodging & Timeshares

  • Lodging: A temporary housing arrangement for the purpose of leisure or business. Most lodging activity revolves around hotels, motels, bread & breakfasts and inns.
  • Timeshares:  An increasingly popular leisure stay is fractional ownership or fractional interest in a real property, also known as timeshares.  Basically, each owner buys the right to use a real property for a limited and defined amount of time, which is often for vacation purposes. While owners of timeshares are able to avoid expensive hotel rates while vacationing, they must pay recurring maintenance dues. Additionally, owners of timeshares are restricted as to when and where and they get to enjoy their units.
  • Sharing Economy Housing:  An even newer trend in vacationing is the sharing economy vacation housing offered by apps such as Airbnb, Flip Key and Home Away.