Five Real Estate Trends Expected in 2017 – MarketWatch

MarketWatch published a list of 5 real estate trends expected to take shape in 2017.

  1. Use of Drones:  Increasingly, drones will be used by sellers and real estate agents, especially with regards to properties over an acre in size.
  2. “Surban” Communities:  The inclusion of urban amenities in suburban communities. This trend will reverse exclusive suburban living and afford residents a more complete living arrangement, instead of constantly commuting to bigger cities.
  3. Millennial Home-Buying Habits:  Instead of starting out with a condo or a starter-home, higher-income millennials (ages 26-35) are jumping directly into a move-up property.
  4. Trump Effect:  President-elect Trump may adopt policies geared toward faster economic growth, which is good news for real estate. However, the president-elect may cut government spending, which may slow down the property sector. Also, in the medium run, faster economic growth may result in higher inflation and, subsequently, higher interest rates.
  5. Emergence of Generation Z:  Generation Z’ers will turn 18 in 2017 and will start forming expectations about home-buying, the cost of money and other real estate matters.