JLL and Google Unveil a New “Voice Assistant” for Commercial Real Estate

Global real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle is teaming up with internet-giant Google to build a voice assistant to help office workers book conference rooms for meetings, file maintenance requests and more. The new smart-phone based assistant is named “JiLL”, according to Geek Wire.

The project is part of an effort from JLL to create technological innovations to broaden its horizons in real estate. Taking a cue from digital assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa, the goal is to make it easier for people in real estate.

JiLL is expected to go live to US customers later in the year. JiLL is also the first product introduced by JLL Labs, the in-house think tank of JLL composed of globally-competent software engineers and product experts. Their goal is to create commercially strategic and new, modern products focused on the digital development of proptech.