The Average Daily Rate at U.S. Hotels is $129, Says STR

U.S. hotels reported mixed performance results during the second week of February, according to a report by STR, which was cited by Hotel News Resource. Occupancy dropped, ADR rose and RevPAR remained steady.

Occupancy dropped 1.7 percent during the week of Feb. 18 to 24, to 64.7 percent. ADR rose1.7 percent to $129.05 and RevPAR remained at $83.43.

San Francisco/San Mateo, California, stood at the top end of the performance scales with RevPAR rising 14 percent thanks in part to the 11.3 percent increase in ADR to $214.73. It was the only double-digit ADR lift.

Denver, Colorado, recorded the highest rise in occupancy with an increase of 5.7 percent to 70.5 percent along with the second-largest jump of 11.3 percent to $214.73 in RevPAR.

Atlanta, Georgia, saw the second-largest increase in ADR, up 6.6 percent to $113.56, as well as the third-highest rise in RevPAR, up 3.6 percent to $77.50.

Among the top 25 markets, 17 reported RevPAR decreases.

Seattle, Washington, had the steepest decline in ADR, down 2.9 per cent to $130.1 and the second largest drop in occupancy, down 9.4 percent to 62.1 percent, which resulted in the largest RevPAR decrease, down 12 percent to $80.80.

The only double-digit drop in occupancy and the only other double-digit decline in RevPAR were reported in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia, down 10.9 percent to 52.2 percent and down 11.4 percent to $42.80, respectively.