More CRE Executives Plan to Switch to Unassigned Seating

More than half of corporate execs say they plan to switch to  unassigned worker seating for all or some of their employees during the next three years, according to a study by CBRE, which was cited by the Chicago Tribune. Instead of having their own desks, workers will grab an empty workstation when they come to the office in the morning.

The move to unassigned seating serves several purposes said CBRE, including cost reduction, flexible lease terms, satisfying short-term needs, test and learn, entry into new market, attract and retain talent and promote innovation.

Source: CBRE

Source: CBRE
CBRE surveyed mostly banking and finance, tech and telecom and professional service firms about their office plans.

To keep their workers happy, office users say they plan to ramp up their workplace amenities, including full-service cafeterias, employee showers, bike racks for commuters, custom coffee services, green space, game rooms and on-site health care.

“Twenty years ago, real estate was much different. It was a place to house people. But now our clients are using it as a tool to attract and retain the best talent in their respective industries,” said CBRE’s Clay Vaughn, a senior vice president in Dallas. “A big part of creating great space is giving employees options of how and where they work in the office.

“The companies that embrace this will be the winners in the fierce competition for talent.”

Even if that means giving you a locker to call your own instead of a desk.