Airbnb to Start Branding its Own Properties Next Year

It appears that more restrictive local regulations and ordinances are driving Airbnb to get involved in the real estate development business. In a noteworthy development, Airbnb announced its teaming up with real estate developer Newgard Development Group to launch its own branded apartment building which will be called “Niido powered by Airbnb.”

The first complex in this project is a 324-unit building in Kissimmee, Florida. The apartments there will feature amenities like keyless entry systems, which make it easy for a tenant to check short-term guests in and out of their homes, remotely.

Bloomberg reports that Airbnb won’t have an ownership interest in the building, though it isn’t clear if Airbnb is charging a licensing fee for the use of its brand name. Newgard, on the other hand, will share in profits from the building’s Airbnb rentals, which it will use to develop similar properties.

This won’t be the only building of its kind. Newgard has said that it’s going to construct over 2,000 Airbnb branded units over the next two years.