Best Cities to Profit from a Fixer Upper – Zillow

Real estate marketing firm, Zillow, published an analysis on the value of buying a fixer upper. Understandably, results varied by location. According to Zillow, the median fixer upper across the U.S. sells at a discount of 7.6%, or $11,000 in savings. However, in top-ranking San Francisco, buying a fixer upper can save $54,000. Basically, it’s about location, location, location.  Below are the top 10 markets for savings on a fixer upper. You can also see Zillow’s entire list here:

10. Portland, Oregon
Cash savings: $19,000
Fixer-upper discount: 7.3%

9. Virginia Beach, Virginia
Cash savings:$19,000
Fixer-upper discount: 13.1%

8. Chicago, Illinois
Cash savings: $19,000
Fixer-upper discount: 13.8%

7. Columbus, Ohio
Cash savings: $19,000
Fixer-upper discount: 18%

6. Cleveland, Ohio
Cash savings: $22,000
Fixer-upper discount: 31.9%

5. Baltimore, Maryland
Cash savings: $23,000
Fixer-upper discount: 16.6%

4. Cincinnati, Ohio
Cash savings: $23,000
Fixer-upper discount: 25.3%

3. Seattle, Washington
Cash savings:$24,000
Fixer-upper discount: 8.2%

2. San Jose, California
Cash savings:$38,000
Fixer-upper discount: 6.5%

1. San Francisco, California
Cash savings:$54,000
Fixer-upper discount: 9.5%